Hot August Nights Visitor Info


Hotel Accommodations

Rooms in the Reno-Sparks area begin filling as soon as the Event is over for the next year’s event. While rooms fill early, it is not too late to get a room, as there are a good number of hotels and motels in the area. Please click here to check out our hotel and event sponsors. Signup for our email insider to receive exclusive offers and information before it is announced.


Getting Here and Getting Around

If you are flying in to attend the Event, most hotels offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel (please check with the hotel you will be staying at). Rental cars can get you from one place to the next, but if you are not planning on driving up to Lake Tahoe or Virginia City, and plan on staying in Reno and Sparks, your best bet is to travel by ride share, taxi or RTC bus as general parking at our venues is limited.

Parking for Spectators 

The “Victorian Square Parking Garage also knows as the “Theater Garage” will be open for parking during the main event, can hold up to 700 cars. Entrance is on Victorian Plaza Circle. You can take Pyramid to C Street turn onto Victorian Plaza Circle and into parking garage or you can take Avenue of the Oaks and follow it around to Victorian Plaza Circle to the entrance.

Shuttle  – Hot August Nights has partnering with BGCTM to do continuous shuttles back and forth from Summit Racing on Glendale directly to the Drag Races in Sparks. This shuttle is FREE and will run Wednesday – Saturday from 5:30pm – 12:30am. Shuttle will drop off/pick up next to the Drag Races.

RTC – Don’t Drive Arrive – Hot August Nights has partnered with the RTC to provide free transit on both RAPID lines (Lincoln Line from downtown Sparks to downtown Reno & Virginia Line from downtown Reno to Meadowood Mall).  This free transit service is offered to the public on specific days TBD.


During the Event, weather in the Reno-Sparks area is typically in the 90s during the day and 50s at night. This means that during the day the asphalt and concrete is very hot and not safe for an animal to be walking on. Also, make sure to bring sunscreen and a pair of comfortable shoes. As the temperature cools at night, it’s best to play it safe and also pack a sweater or sweatshirt.


Participating with Your Car

Most Hot August Nights activities are closed and restricted to only registered car participants. To enter your car or pickup truck in the 2021 Event, please check back in September for registration availability. Please check the event schedule for a list of all activities.

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