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Visitor Info

Hot August Nights

Visitor Info


Rooms in the Reno-Sparks area begin filling as soon as the Event is over for the next year’s event. While rooms fill early, it is not too late to get a room, as there are a good number of hotels and motels in the area. Please click here to check out our hotel and event sponsors. Signup for our email insider to receive exclusive offers and information before it is announced.

Getting Here and Getting Around

Airport Transfers, Ride-share, Taxi and Free Shuttle
If you are flying in to attend the Event, most hotels offer shuttles from the airport to the hotel; check with the hotel you will be staying at for options. Rental cars can get you from one place to the next, but if you are not planning on driving up to Lake Tahoe or Virginia City, and plan on staying in Reno and Sparks, your best bet is to travel by ride share, taxi or bus as general parking at our venues is limited.

RTC buses are offering free shuttle service on the RAPID Virginia Line, RAPID Lincoln Line, Route 1 and Route 11 starting the Tuesday thru Sunday of Hot August Nights week – offered all day, each day in partnership with Hot August Nights. All routes serve RTC 4TH STREET STATION and RTC CENTENNIAL PLAZA. RTC’s RAPID Lincoln Line and Route 11 service runs from downtown Reno to downtown Sparks on 4th Street and Prater Way. RTC’s RAPID Virginia Line and Route 1 service runs along Virginia Street from Meadowood Mall to the University of Nevada, Reno. Buses are accessible to people with disabilities. To plan your trip, visit

Event Patrons

Parking for Spectators
The Victorian Square Parking Garage, also known as the Theater Garage, is open for parking during the main event and can hold up to 700 cars. The entrance is on Victorian Plaza Circle. You can take Pyramid to C Street turn onto Victorian Plaza Circle and into parking garage or you can take Avenue of the Oaks and follow it around to Victorian Plaza Circle to the entrance.

RTC buses are offering free shuttle services on the RAPID Virginia Line, RAPID Lincoln Line, Route 1 and Route 11 starting the Tuesday thru Sunday of Hot August Nights week – offered all day, each day in partnership with Hot August Nights. All routes serve RTC 4TH STREET STATION and RTC CENTENNIAL PLAZA. RTC’s RAPID Lincoln Line and Route 11 service runs from downtown Reno to downtown Sparks on 4th Street and Prater Way. RTC’s RAPID Virginia Line and Route 1 service runs along Virginia Street from Meadowood Mall to the University of Nevada, Reno. Buses are accessible to people with disabilities. To plan your trip, visit

Hot August Nights is proud to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows to provide continuous shuttles to and from Summit Racing on Glendale directly to the Drag Races in Sparks. This shuttle is FREE and runs Wednesday – Saturday from 4:30pm – 12:30am. Shuttle will drop off/pick up next to the Drag Races at the Nugget Resort Casino.

Hot August Nights is a family-friendly event and we love to see our younger generation enjoying the classics as much as we do. If you have a child that is young enough to sit in a car seat, please make sure to keep them back from the railing during cruises and the parade. Classic cars like to roar their engines and show what they’ve got under the hood. These rev’s can be very loud to your child’s ears and also give off hot fumes that can be harmful if in direct contact (on sidewalk near exhaust pipes). We also recommend noise protection for young attendees and babies.

No Animals allowed. EXCEPTION: IDENTIFIED SERVICE DOGS. We all LOVE our furry friends, however for the comfort and protection of your pet and our patrons, we do not allow animals at our venues. It’s for the benefit of the animals, and honestly, the vehicles too. The asphalt is hot. If the air temperature is 87°, that means the asphalt temperature is 143°! In August it can get well over 90° so just think how that would feel for you to walk on with your bare feet. At 125° skin destruction can occur in just 60 seconds. Paws CAN and WILL get burned. If it’s too hot for your bare feet, then it is too hot for theirs. NEVER leave your animal unattended in a vehicle. Combined with the temperatures, dehydration can easily happen to your pet.

Grand Sierra Resort Entertainment Seating
Due to space availability and courtesy to all Hot August Nights patrons, we ask that no folding chairs be left out overnight in front of the stage area at the Grand Sierra Resort venue. If folding chairs are left in the parking lot after the conclusion of our nightly entertainment, they will be removed and placed in a designated area within the parking lot. Hot August Nights will not be held responsible for any missing seating that is left unattended.

Umbrellas, Other Shade Items
Attached to an occupied chair are permissible as long as weather permits. Please be aware of the dangers of handheld umbrellas when walking the venue site, i.e., brushing against cars, bumping into other people or structures. PLEASE FOLD DOWN ANY CHAIR WHEN NOT OCCUPIED OR WHEN ASKED by venue Safety/Security personnel and/or Hot August Nights representative. High winds and/or weather conditions can present a hazard to the cars and/or crowds at the venue site.

Scooters, Razors, Skateboards, Bikes, Skates, Roller Blades, etc.
These items are not allowed at all Hot August Nights venues. We ask that if you are using one of these listed to be courteous and carry or walk it through our event. If you scrape or bump a car, YOU are responsible for the damage.

Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.

No Motorized Devices, Other Than Those Used by Handicapped Individuals
This includes Segways, hoverboards, electric scooters, etc. They are not permitted within any venue site.

Volunteer Members
Hot August Nights has over 500 dedicated members that volunteer their time to make sure the event is a huge success. Please, if they ask you to do something such as move your car 2’ to the right or not to walk down a certain path, please listen. Without our Volunteer Members, Hot August Nights would cease to exist.

Northern Nevada weather, especially in Reno and Sparks can change quickly. Stay hydrated, keep cool, wear a hat and apply sunscreen often.

Clothing/Personal Belongings
Just like you, classic vehicle owners don’t like scratches, dings, dents, sticky fingers, etc. on their vehicles. Please be courteous and be aware of your surroundings. If you want to get a closer look at one of the vintage stunners, hold onto your purse or necklace/jewelry to eliminate scratches on the paint. Remember, don’t touch someone else’s car without permission. Be careful when walking in-between the classics too.

Operation of drones at/over any venue site is strictly prohibited. If you are an accredited member of the media, please inquire with the Hot August Nights marketing team prior to the event to see if permitting is obtainable.

Camera use and video recorders must be for personal use only. Professional equipment for commercial use is prohibited unless you are an accredited member of the media with proper Hot August Nights Media Credentials.

Free Speech
The City of Reno and the City of Sparks require free speech designated areas during special events. However, these locations are not always utilized, and you may be approached to sign a petition, buy a random CD, or asked for money, etc. Please know that these are NOT approved vendors of Hot August Nights and we ask that you DO NOT patronize them. If you feel that your rights have been distressed, or that it has interfered with your enjoyment of the event, please report to your local police officer or city representative.

As much as we at Hot August Nights would love to see you at our event, attendees are asked to stay home if they are not feeling well, have COVID-19 symptoms or have tested positive. We thank you for your cooperation and for helping us to keep Hot August Nights events alive and going strong!


Registered Vehicle Car Year

Hot August Nights reserves the right to cancel any registration found not to meet the requirements of Hot August Nights’ vehicle specifications; 1979 and older. We are a nostalgic event.

No Physical Contact with Spectators During Cruises
Refrain from throwing candy or other items from your vehicle into the crowd of spectators.

Politically Affiliated Printed Material OR “For Sale Signs”
Are NOT ALLOWED on registered vehicles during Hot August Nights activities. We are all here to have fun and admire these vintage beauties. If you want to see a “For Sale” sign, we suggest visiting the MAG Auctions at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center or the Cool Car Corral & Showroom located at the Reno Livestock Events Center.

Person Merchandise Selling
Participants may NOT sell merchandise of any type. If you have a product to sell, contact our office and become a vendor or sponsor. We’re always excited to welcome new vendors or sponsors.

No Car Space Saving
Due to unique Northern Nevada weather patterns that may affect the Event and the extremely heavy congestion of the venue sites, chairs, coolers, and other paraphernalia left unattended will be placed at the back of the space to allow others to utilize the parking space.

No Popup Tents/Shade Structures
High winds can and frequently do occur at the venue sites which can send a personal shade structure sailing into the crowd or into another vehicle on display. Secured shade structures are offered throughout each venue for your comfort.

Cool Drinks
Coolers can be carried in your vehicle for use during a Cruise or the Parade. If you are parked at a Show-n-Shine, we ask that you help support our Sponsors and the community. Each location offers many choices for food and beverage. Glass containers are not permitted at any of the venues. Unauthorized alcohol is not permitted in the streets of downtown Reno or Sparks. Hot August Nights is permitted to serve alcohol at our venues – and will card anyone that looks under 40. Please drink responsibly.

Unacceptable Behavior
Event Management reserves the right to restrict entrants to acceptable behavior during any and all activities of Hot August Nights. Open headers, unnecessary tire spins, burnouts, or any other dangerous or inappropriate behavior will result in management eviction of an entrant and/or his or her vehicle. Law enforcement will confiscate window stickers and possibly cite any violators. In case of eviction, Hot August Nights will not refund entry fees.

Pneumatics & Hydraulics
For safety reasons, use of pneumatics and hydraulics is strictly prohibited during any official Hot August Nights cruise or Show-n-Shine. All four wheels must stay on the ground at all times. Again, safety is our priority, and jumping your car can cause serious harm and or damage to another person or their vehicle.

Gas Tanks
It is advisable that gas tanks are not over-filled or topped off. Gas expands with hot weather and temperatures. Gas tank overflow can cause possible property damage within the venue and can result in damage to car paint.

Drip Pans
At venues where drip pans are required, i.e., cars parked on sidewalks or in areas where drip pans are to be used, car participants are asked to return drip pans to the collecting area after use. Returning the drips pans prevents loss and possible harm to others.

Must be in writing and received no later than July 1, of the event year. No refunds or cancellations are offered after July 1. All cancellations are subject to a $30 processing fee. We pride ourselves on putting on an amazing event and making sure we have a full packet of goodies for our participants upon check-in.

Due to liability waiver requirements, HOT AUGUST NIGHTS ENTRIES ARE NOT TRANSFERRABLE and CAN NOT BE SOLD by anyone other than Hot August Nights. The HOT AUGUST NIGHTS vehicle registration window sticker given at Check-In can only be used on the HOT AUGUST NIGHTS registered vehicle. Failure to follow the requirements, could result in expulsion from the event.