Hot August Nights
Show-n-Shine Competitions


Hot August Nights Show-n-Shines are the definition of our soul. Participants come from all over the world to show off their rides. Two Cities will fill up their streets and venue parking lots with vehicles from the past. 1979 and older cars, pickup size trucks, and emergency vehicles of all different makes and models will be shined-up and ready to be adored. Below you will find a list of venues that will have these marvelous pieces of art for you to swoon over.

Schedule is coming soon!


Hot August Nights offers various Show-n-Shine competitions throughout the week. However, Saturday’s Celebrity Choice Show-n-Shine is our traditional competition where local and national dignitaries are escorted through downtown Reno, downtown Sparks and the Grand Sierra Resort to select their winner. There is no criteria for this judging. The Judges make their selection based purely on their individual taste. No cash prizes are awarded for this competition. Trophies will be presented on Sunday morning at 8:30 AM


  • Reno/Casino Area: cars are parked along exciting “Casino Row” in downtown Reno
  • Grand Sierra Resort: cars are displayed at Grand Sierra Resort
  • Downtown Sparks: cars park along Victorian Square


Fall Frenzy Celebrity Choice Show-n-Shine

Date: October 5, 2019

Location: Baldini’s Sports Casino

9a.m. – 2p.m.

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