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We are listening, and heard your displeasure with our registered car participant check-in process. In efforts to cut down the wait time for all of our registrants, we are introducing new Locals Day for Check-In.  On Monday, August 7th, we will open the door from Noon to 7:00pm to all Nevada driver license holders only, that are pre-registered, to be able to get their registration packets a day early. Not to displease any of our out of state friends, this early check-in will be no different than if you picked up your packet on Tuesday. To continue with the shortening of standing in line, we will also be going back to car participant registration number designated lines in Small Packets, and no need to show proof of insurance. All you need to bring is your ID and your DMV registration. Our Volunteer Members will be ready and waiting for you with a smile and a pre-printed window sticker. If you have a last minute car change, please notify the office prior to July 1st. Any changes after this date, we will have a “Car Change” line ready for you.

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