Create Your Account for 2024 Participant Registration
Online registration starts November 1, 2023.

At 36 years old, we are now reaching the prime of our event life. We wouldn’t be here without each of you – if it’s been for 36 years or 36 hours – your support and commitment are everything.

To more effectively support our future growth, we are moving to a complete online business management system. To accommodate this, our September 1 registration will move for this year to November 1, 2023.

The benefits to you include:

  • Ability to create one account – just like Amazon or your favorite online store.
  • Within your account, you can add all your classics and then pick and choose which ones to register for what event. You can modify your selections at any time.
  • Through the account, reference past orders for tracking purposes.
  • Register for all events in one place including Virginia City, our Reno-Sparks main event, Spring Fever and more – all from one account.
  • Add on a VIP experience with a reserved table or individual tickets to The Garage at GSR, The Headlight Lounge, The Garage at the Nugget, or the Burnout Bar.
  • Want a T-shirt, hat, or other swag? Easy, that can be added as well.

We’re here to help. If you have questions, just email us at or call 775-356-1956.


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