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Welcome to the Hot August Nights Media Center
We are glad you’re here because it means you are ready to tell the story of Hot August Nights to your audience. And you probably have a thing or two for the more than 5,500 classics that roll into the Reno-Tahoe region annually.

This 10-day, whirlwind of an event is the largest nostalgic classic car show in the U.S. bringing more than 500,000 people and generating more than $100 million in economic impact to the area.

It’s more than just a car show and the story ideas are endless. From the impressive economic impact to the star-studded entertainment to the individual stories of our participants, there’s an angle every which way you look.

We look forward to working with you in telling the story of Hot August Nights!

For media inquiries, please contact:
Amy Demuth / Ronele Dotson at RAD Strategies Inc.
775-323-6333 or call the Hot August Nights office at 775.356.1956

Media Qualifications

Hot August Nights is FREE and open to the public. The exceptions are MAG Auctions, the Drag Races and the Swap Meet. Due to that, we are limiting the number of media credentials distributed in 2024.

Qualified media must be on assignment for a publication or online outlet. Freelance writers and photographers will no longer be granted credentials unless proof of assignment can be provided. ONLY WORKING MEDIA will be granted credentials, limit two per outlet. Content creators including Instagram influencers and YouTube creators will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Hot August Nights does not pay content creator fees.

Not sure where you fit, complete the form and we’ll get back to you. Normal response time is 48 to 72 hours.

Credentials will be confirmed by email no later than Friday, July 12, 2024.

Media must present ID at time of pickup.

During the event, media must always display their credentials.

Media may pick up credentials in person July 20 to Aug. 10 from the Hot August Nights office:
1425 E. Greg Street, Sparks, Nev.
From 9AM and 5PM

To pick up outside this time frame, please contact RAD Strategies directly.  


Logo Usage

Any use of the Hot August Nights logo MUST be approved by Hot August Nights. Any unauthorized usage of the logo will result in removal of the content.


Media Credentials Application

Press Releases

Promo Videos

Event Photos


Event photography provided by Marcello Rostagni Photography. Click the button below to view the entire Hot August Nights photography catalog as well as purchase your favorite images for personal use.

Digital Owner's Manual

Event information, News, Articles and all around event guide.

Media Credential Terms and Conditions

1. Overview: The following media credential guidelines were established to provide an overview of the procedures followed by Hot August Nights in processing media credential requests and a clear understanding of the guidelines for media access at event sites.

2. Eligibility: Hot August Nights will issue media credentials to members of the working press only. By definition, a member of the working press shall be a paid employee or representative of a known and established media organization (newspaper, magazine, television, radio, web site, etc.). Journalists who receive credentials must be on assignment for a specific media organization at each event. All journalists who wish to attend Hot August Nights events must submit a media credential application pursuant to this policy. Freelance journalists must be on assignment at the specific event or must submit a media credential application indicating the scope and purpose of the requested coverage. Organizations may request more than one media credential; however, Hot August Nights does not guarantee more than one credential will be awarded per organization.

3. Application Deadlines: Media credential applications must be received by Hot August Nights by the established deadlines set for each event. Hot August Nights cannot guarantee that journalists who submit their applications after the deadline will be accommodated.

Applying for a credential in no way guarantees that you will receive a credential. At some events, space may be limited and only a certain number of media credentials will be issued.

4. Credential Acceptance: Hot August Nights encourages all media to attend Hot August Nights events. However, if there is a limitation on the number of credentials issued for a specific event, Hot August Nights will consider the following criteria, in order of significance, when issuing approval:

  • Media organizations with a large daily circulation and/or a large national audience
  • Local media in the host city and relevant specialty media
  • Media outlets that attend Hot August Nights events on a regular basis
  • Applications received by the deadline date

5. Credential Usage: Credentials must be worn at all times. Each media credential is issued specifically for the journalist who was accepted through the credential process. Any media outlet that wishes to change the name(s) of their credentialed journalist(s) may do so, in writing, prior to the beginning of an event. Credentials may not be given or loaned to another person for any reason.

Misuse of a Hot August Nights media credential will result in the immediate loss of the credential, removal from the media areas and the possible loss of credential privileges for future events for the journalist and his/her organization.

6. Interview Policy: Hot August Nights will provide opportunities for the media to interview requested individuals. All interview requests should be directed to RAD Strategies at 775-323-6333 or text or call directly to Amy Demuth, 775-378-0032 or Ronele Dotson, 775-378-0031 or email

7. Photographers: Photographers wishing to cover Hot August Nights events must be on assignment from a recognized news organization and be using professional camera equipment. All photographs taken at the event are to be used solely for use by the publication for which an individual is credentialed, unless he/she is otherwise granted express written consent by Hot August Nights. Without such consent, it is strictly prohibited for any photograph taken in association with the event to be used in any manner by, or in association with, any publication other than that publication for which the individual is credentialed. Photographs taken at this event are not to be sold to any other media outlet, organization or individual unless permission is granted by Hot August Nights. Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in the immediate loss of credential privileges for all future Hot August Nights events for the photographer. Additionally, the media outlet listed will lose the ability to credential a photographer at future Hot August Nights events.

8. Television Coverage and Videotaping: Hot August Nights will grant Television Coverage and Videotaping on an individual basis. Station/ broadcast to state purpose/usage of coverage. Film crew to check in with RAD Strategies at 775-323-6333 or text or call directly to Amy Demuth, 775-378-0032 or Ronele Dotson, 775-378-0031 or email prior to filming or interview. Granted permission of Videotaping will be asked to provide a copy of any episode to Hot August Nights.

9. Logo Usage: A media credential does not give rights to logo usage. The Hot August Nights logo and name are trademarks owned by Hot August Nights and rights are required for use. You may request to use the logo by email to