Hot August Nights
2023 Owners’s Manual
All You Need To Know for Event Participants


Our new Owner’s Manual provides you with an overview of all things Hot August Nights. You’ll notice that Show-n-Shines, cruises, judging, auctions and sales, drag races and a swap meet top the list of activities, however our free nightly entertainment and connecting here with other like-minded car enthusiasts is hard to beat.

It’s a jam-packed week made right out of the stuff from every car lover’s dream. And as much as we love putting on this event each year, it would be nothing without participants like you.

Our NEW Driver’s Manual (to our tried and true it’s the retitled, “In A Nutshell”), provides you with the information you need to make the most of your participation. In addition to the NEW Owner’s Manual, these two program manuals equip you to make the most of your week.

Visit the Swap Meet and Cool Car Corral, check out the MAG Auctions, enter the Drag Races and come dance the night away at the free nightly concerts – plus all the Show-n-Shines and cruises you can handle.

We’re excited you are here!
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