HAN Event Series 2023 Qualifying Events

2023 Schedule and Grand Finale Qualifiers

HAN Event Series 2024 Qualifying Events

Show participants must purchase and display the 2024 HAN Event Series decal.

2024 Schedule and Grand Finale Qualifiers

Event Series

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Event Series

About the Event Series

Hot August Nights is elevating the competition factor to crown an annual best of the best winner as part of the new HAN Event Series, presented by Champion Chevrolet.

The Event Series is open to any car club or promoter for local, regional, or national shows taking place now through August 20, 2023. Qualifying classic vehicles receive an invitation to the HAN Event Series Finale taking place August 26, 2023, at Champion Chevrolet where the Champion and award winners are selected.

Event Series Show-n-Shine Competition
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