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Reno Sparks Livestock Event Center  |  1350 N. Wells Ave., Reno

Classic Car Pinstripe

Hot August Nights and AMSOIL brings you AutoCross! If you’ve never auto-crossed your hot rod before, this is a great way to see what your car is made of, improve your driving skills and better your times. This timed event will give you an adrenaline rush as you run a course through cones set up in a series. This course is designed for novice to expert auto-crossers and is meant to be fun and exciting. Come to the Reno Livestock Event Center on Thursday or Friday from Noon to 2pm and see if you have what it takes. AutoCross presented by AMSOIL is open and FREE to all vehicles (Makes, Models & Years). Must be 18 and older to ride/drive vehicle on track. All vehicles must be street legal and meet tech sheet approval. AutoCross included with Swap Meet admission fee of $10.00 daily.


To add to the excitement, AMSOIL presents Drifting! Drifting may have started in Japan but continues to evolve in the USA and thanks to AMSOIL and our friends at Drift Evolution, you will get your chance to witness this amazing event up close and personal at Hot August Nights! Join us as Pro Drifters heat up the track and compete with driving styles that will have you asking how they do it! Drifters use the throttle, brakes, clutch, gear shifting and steering abilities to keep the car in a state of oversteering while maneuvering from turn to turn. This worldwide phenomenon kicks off at the Reno Livestock Event Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9am – 9pm. Can’t get close enough, Pit Passes will be offered at $10 allowing access to the pits located just a few feet away from the Drift cars and the opportunity to go for a ride along! Must be 18 and older to ride/drive vehicle on track. All vehicles must be street legal and meet tech sheet approval. Drifting is included with Swap Meet admission fee of $10.00 daily.

Our partners, Drift Evolution is excited to announce that have some special guests for this years Hot August Nights drift event.

Hert Eugene Jr. and Rob Parsons from Hoonigan’s “The Unprofessionals”. The Unprofessionals is a new series from Hoonigan, presented by BC Racing, that follows the misadventures of two very unprofessional drifters, Hert and Rob (aka Chairslayer), as they travel the country with hopes of actually getting to grassroots drift events on time, and leaving there in one piece.

Rob Parsons was involved in a serious motorcycle accident in which his back was broken. While spending 6 months in the hospital Rob said to himself, “Well, I’d better get a bad *ss wheel chair and find something different.” Rob set out to design and build a car that would allow him to get back into motorsports. Since his accident Rob has faced many obstacles. He has overcome all of them with the help of friends, strangers, and his positive attitude. Rob will be drifting with us in August in the amazing drift car that he built. Check Rob out here:

Hert Eugene Jr. is the 2nd Unit Director and Senior Content Director at Hoonigan. Hert drives an insane RX7 that was once LS V8 powered but will be debuting a back-to-its-roots rotary build for Hot August Nights. Hert is always larger than life and we’re sure his new build will be no exception.

This year we will also have a special guest from halfway around the world, the internet famous Stewy Bryant! Stewy is a crazy, Australian driver that cements every stereotype you have heard about Australian race car drivers. He is beyond excited to come to America to experience the great American hobby that is hot-rodding and to slay some tires with us. He will be piloting an equally insane Mazda RX7 with an American V8 swap. The best part is, the car isn’t his, so he will be driving it like he stole it, which excites and scares us…

We also have a couple of Formula Drift drivers and FD Pro Am drivers that will be sliding with us as well. Don’t miss this opportunity to see what drifting is all about during Hot August Nights Drifting present by AMSOIL.

Don’t miss out on all the amazing food and beverage vendors that will be on site throughout the event to enjoy!

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